LT235/80R17 Toyo Open Country H/T Tire Size Chart


Understanding the difference between tire sizes is a crucial, yet often overlooked aspect of the tire buying process. That’s why we put together this simple, easy to use guide to help educate you on how to easily recognize and compare tire sizes. Check it out today.

If there was ever any doubt, now you can see how easy it is to figure out what the best tire size is for your vehicle. Just run through those steps and you’ll have a clear picture of what size tire you need with no muss and no fuss. Comparing 1438 tires should be easy now that you’ve got this handy guide. By knowing the wheel diameter, wheel width, and tread width along with the aspect ratio which is 2 times the sidewall height in mm you can determine the overall diameter (which also equals the approximate circumference or use our tire size calculator) You’re welcome!

tire ply rating chart

Auto-Trac Tire Chains

If you’re in need of tire chains, AutoTrac chains are the best type to get. They’re lighter, easier to use, and better at gripping the road to increase traction. The best part is that you can get them without having to jack up your vehicle or moving it away from its location.

Auto-Trac® is perfect for winter driving in states where cable chains are required. They are more convenient and easier to install, so you will be ready to drive safely whenever winter weather arises!

This is a great example of an OKW doing everything right. They explain how their product works and highlights the benefits. They also provide a video to communicate how users can install their product easily and efficiently, along with a detailed list of instructions that includes photos.


Falken Tires has successfully built a reputation as a premium brand among luxury and performance drivers, offering a tremendous selection of innovative, high quality tires for a variety of vehicles.

Falken is a good example of how established companies can successfully build up their presence in emerging markets. The company was originally an affiliate of Bridgestone, but by leveraging its partnerships with racing professionals and the company’s innovative tire technology, Falken has become a well-known brand in the performance car segment.

If you’re in the market for some new tires or wheels, Falken Tires may be worth looking into. They aren’t just for your vehicle; they’re for everyone’s automobile pleasure!

The Falken PROMASTER ELITE provides you with both style and function. It can tackle your daily commute, and provide you with the performance you desire when taking on more challenging terrain. If you are looking for a tire that will give you a combination of these features and more, then the Falken PROMASTER ELITE is the right choice for you.

We asked if it was worth the price and you said yes. But is it really? The Falken RT-615K is a good tire, but that’s no reason to sell out your vehicle to become a “Falken Whore.”

If you’re looking for a tire that is designed specifically for driving in rough conditions, the Falken WildPeak A/T will be a great choice. If you’d prefer a more all-around tire that works well on a variety of terrains, the Falken Ziex S/T will likely fit your needs better. Whichever you choose, it’s important to keep in mind that tires with good traction perform best on snow and ice, so choosing tires with adequate grip is essential for winter driving.

Les Schwab Tire Centers

At Les Schwab Tire Centers, it is our mission to set the standard for customer service as it relates to tires. With our “Best in Class” Ethics and Care program, we have created an environment that fosters continual improvement through employee education and training. We believe that at Les Schwab Tire Centers, we have not only built a great business, but also a great place to work.

So what have we learned about Les Schwab Tire Centers? They were founded by Les Schwab, a man who grew up in poverty and became a tire titan. They boast a long history of serving customers with an expertise in tires backed by the slogan, “You don’t need to be a rocket scientist.” Their inspirational story has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. They also receive top rankings for customer service from mystery shopper surveys. In addition, their employee satisfaction ranks well above the industry average, as well as compensation and benefits that are rated as “above average to excellent” in 12 out of 19 job categories.

The company’s focus on customer service strives to give them a competitive edge over other national competitors around the country. Their service not only keeps customers happy, but also helps to retain employees and ensures product quality. They strive to be the best in the tire industry by providing world-class service that goes above and beyond customers’ expectations year after year.

Be authentic. Be a hero. Be genuine. Be transparent. Bend over backwards to show gratitude and respect; never assume that your customers know how much you care about them. Talk with your customers in their own language and make them feel comfortable in your stores or on the phone with you. And while you’re at it, treat the people who work with you like family and they’ll return that love many times over. That’s really the secret to what Les Schwab has done for more than 60 years: treat people right and chances are good that they’ll remember you for it for a lifetime.

Goodrich Corporation

The B.F. Goodrich Company was founded in 1870 and found success after the invention of vulcanized rubber. It first manufactured bicycle and carriage tires, but began selling auto tires in 1903. Its revenues were seriously hurt by the ongoing depression of 1920–21, as automobile sales plunged from a high of 6 million units to less than 3 million units. To survive the onset of the depression, BFG sold off its non-essential assets, including its tire division. In 1916, Goodrich formed (as part of Goodrich, Tew & Co.) the B.F. Goodrich Silica Rubber Company division for the manufacturing and marketing of silica rubber products for use in belts for machines, packaging, doors and windows, etc.; until its sale to Uniroyal in 1968 it functioned as an independent company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Goodrich Corporation is considered a pioneer in the rubber industry, and it has had a profound effect on the way that we think of tires. They were an industry leader in both technological innovation and social responsibility, and they made tire production safer and much more efficient. When you see Goodrich tires on cars or airplanes today, you now know that they’re not just incredible feats of engineering—they’re also made by a company with a rich history and deep understanding of rubber.

With an $18.54 billion market capitalization in September 2014, it is considered the third-largest global tire company. In addition to tires, Goodrich generates revenues by producing other rubber components, such as interior and exterior parts for cars, jet engine parts and oil tankers, airframes for helicopters and planes, and other hardware such as industrial hoses.

For over 140 years, the Goodrich Corporation has been an innovative force in the field of aerospace manufacturing and tire technology. Through every change in marketplace and industry, Goodrich has proven that it is an important part of the global economy. What will the next 140 years hold for Goodrich Corporation? Only time will tell.

Overall, the Goodrich Corporation should be proud of their product. They have been able to achieve a prestigious reputation, and now have a variety of high quality products available to customers. Because rubber is so durable, long lasting, and versatile, I think it could be argued that our tires are an example of great innovation. That being said, Goodrich Corporation may want to diversify. As B.F. Goodrich’s popularity grows, other companies will begin looking into how they can compete with their current product line. In other words, the company needs to continue innovating, or they will soon lose their competitive advantage.


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